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It is rightly said that the start of great things are marked with small consistent steps. This couldn't have been more apt for us when we started off in 1968 as a small operation, in Bhavnagar. Which undertook job work of cutting and polishing for the other diamond merchants. Our founder took the first step. He set up the family's first unit with a couple of single cut machines and a score of people. After a decade of hard work, perseverance and never-ending patience, our parent company Jewel Star finally came up with an office in Mumbai and Surat. The scion & driving force behind the group, laid the foundation of Jewel Star back in 1970, since then, the company has experienced rapid growth. Our initial days began under a shed with 20 men, each of them working tirelessly to make sure that every product that comes out of our brand, is nothing less than notable and recognizable. Today, when we see more than 1000 men working in our factory, it not only gives us immense pride but also makes us believe that this journey should only get better. Now as the young generation to have taken up the operations, also with the growing market of Lab Grown Diamonds, organization is set to excel further and reach newer heights in the New-Age Diamond Industry with the advanced leadership and management skills.

Through its dramatic growth and extraordinary attention to detail, now Pure Lab Diamonds has gradually emerged as one of the leading players in the diamond industry. Over past few years, we have focused on serving our customers with good quality products which has also given us the opportunity to set benchmarks for the industry and ourselves. Fostering long term relationships has been our agenda ever since we have started and we take immense pride in being able to provide the same quality to our customers ever since they have laid their trust on us. That is the sole reason why we have most of the customers who have been purchasing crafted diamonds from since ages. As years passed, our business expanded and so did our clientele. Today we stand strong with our business spread across the globe.

Today, with the mix of advancement and greatness, we stay as the most prosperous name for our customers and have earned the tag of being Socially Responsible by staying dynamic in Welfare activities. Our Chairman has been very enlightening in the social welfare undertakings for the needy and takes immense pleasure in helping them for food, education and shelter. Every one of our elements are worked autonomously under the direction and oversight of our capable leaders and with their tremendous experience and pioneering spirit, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in the industry.

By coordinating our faultless cycle with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we are certified by the SCS Global Services (Scientific Certification Systems) for joining an exclusive group of retailers accredited to sell Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds. This accreditation signifies our commitment to bringing full transparency and value to your customers, while revolutionizing the diamond industry and building a more sustainable world.

Certified Sustainability Rated Diamonds adhere to the highest standards of social and ethical performance, with unsurpassed traceability back to the source.

  • Our Shapes line up like Round Brilliant, Cushion Modified, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart, L. Radiant, SQ. Emerald, Taper Baguette and Round Single Cut diamonds.

  • Our production ranges from (-2 sieve sizes up to 10 ct+ far sizes) from Brilliant Rounds to a wide variety of fancy shape diamonds.

  • Our manufacturing focusses from better quality goods of Flawless to I1-2. Colors are mainly D to M.

  • Our profound cuts are with ideal parameters with excellent symmetry and polishing.

  • CVD & HPHT Type Diamonds.

  • Eco-conscious

    Unlike mined diamonds where more than 100sq ft of land is destroyed. These diamonds are built in labs, causing no harm whatsoever.

  • Conflict-Free

    Pure Lab diamonds are assuredly conflict-free and ethically pure. Plus, the environment is also left unharmed.

  • Genuine

    The diamonds we make are exactly identical to the natural ones as they are 100% crystallized carbon and share the same properties.

  • Quality

    Diamonds that are grown in labs have the same thermal conductivity and hardness that is seen in the naturally mined diamonds.

  • Value

    Lab-grown diamonds offer great value for money and is scientifically proven to be more affordable.

  • Certified

    CVD diamonds are graded by an independent diamond grading laboratory called International Gemological Institution.


In the present time you can easily secure everything on the web. Diamonds are known to be a symbol of class. To purchase diamonds is an investment for the long run, in this manner the buying ought to be exactly well explored before putting hands on them to get the most ideal deal possible. These astounding and immortal gems are the ideal pieces to elevate beauty.

Your experience will be seamless on the exclusive 'Pure Lab Diamonds' website and the application on both Apple & Android. Where you can search and find our stones with minimum hassle and 100% satisfaction.

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