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We take the utmost pride in the infrastructure unit that we managed to build which is avant-garde and technically equipped. We have over 1000 personnel working with us constantly keep providing diamonds and keeping up with the demands. With a high dependency on cutting-edge technology, we invest in the best of machines which strengthens our infrastructure. The laser cutting and polishing machines are of the latest standards that comply with presentday requirements.

We follow an extremely well-curated process which ensures that the diamonds remain unharmed and perfect. Following standard guidelines and proper techniques, our manufacturing process consists of innovation, accurate craftsmanship and sustainable technology. This is one of the main areas where Pure Lab Diamonds stands apart from the rest of their competition.

The entire process of making diamonds is done in-house where the accurate environment is created for their formation and everlasting diamonds.

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Our Manufacturing unit


Who We Are

Diamonds are a source of delight! They reflect class, status and also add aesthetic charm to one's life. We wish that everyone's dream to own a diamond comes true and with the same objective, we set up Pure Lab Diamonds in Surat. As years passed, our business expanded and so did our clientele. Today we stand strong with our business spread across the globe.

Committed to providing our customers with high-quality precious diamonds, we at Pure Lab Diamonds manufacture the best Man-made and Lab-grown diamonds. With our high grade infrastructure and innovation, we are equipped and committed to offering beautiful diamonds that reflect your style.

We just don't wish to build our business; we also want to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients and customers through lifetime commitments and promises. With a commitment to be innovative, we have been on the list of one of the major distributors of polished Lab Grown Diamonds and we shall continue on this journey of providing premium diamonds to add richness and vivacity in the lives we touch.

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To provide the sustainable, ethical, and best quality diamonds and building one of the biggest distribution networks.

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To build trust by catering every customer’s demand and helping them find their true diamonds though transparent production process and fair trade.

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  • Environment Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Ethical Governance
  • Innovation
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork and Trust
Why Choose Pure Lab Diamonds?
  • Quality

    We serve with the aim to add more value to the lives of people we touch. We expand our knowledge and base to ensure that quality diamonds reach our customers. Providing supreme quality is what determines our brand's character and that is exactly what we wish to portray through our diamonds.

  • Assurance & Certifications

    A true mark is necessary to help build trust! and therefore, all our diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). This certificate is to prove that our intentions are pure and that we mainly aim at making your lives rich and better with our diamonds.

  • Fair Trade

    We believe in building trust with quality diamonds and showcasing ourselves as a credible source. Fair-trade is what we carry out! Right from the process of creation to cutting and packaging, we strictly abide by our ethical values and ensure that our customers get only he best.